Sarah Khan And Agha Khan Not Together

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Sarah Khan Spills The Beans About Breakup With Agha Ali

Sarah Khan spills the beans regarding breakup with Agha Ali

Pakistani television star Sarah Khan has confirmed the news concerning her taking the plunge shortly after calling it off with TV actor Agha Ali.

In an interview with Urdu News, Sarah said she thought she did the right decision once she went into a relationship with Agha Ali however time showed her wrong and eventually they had to part ways.

“Now I have set for an arranged wedding and can surprise my fans shortly,” said the Ahsan actress.

Their affair during drama serial Band Khirkian, in which they worked opposite each other, was the talk of the town. Talking concerning her relationship with Ali, Sarah aforesaid it’s true that they liked one another and we’re imagined to get hitched with.

Ali, she said, “crossed all limits and caused her a good quantity of distress and heartache” however she “can’t patronize his level” that is why she broke up.

She criticized the project also, during which ladies were shown to be the weaker section of the society and additionally expressed regret for having worked in such dramas.

Sarah said she was offered roles in films but cannot work in projects where she has to show her skin.

She says that neither she will do an item song nor she won’t wear backless Sarah stressed and insisted that we are copying Bollywood however neglecting the fact that this is not Pakistani culture.

Agha Ali Breaks Silence Over A Breakup With Sara Khan

Agha Ali and Sara Khan are the beautiful 2 we like to see along in the real-world and reel life. Even when we hate seeing Saboohi and Zain together in Bandh Khirkiyan, we are rooting for Agha and Sara to stick together in real life.

According to the buzz, back in 2017, it was suspected that the love birds had got engaged but both had never admitted it and neither announced publically about being getting hitched. However, they both parted had parted due to some unknown reasons and have not been spotted together for some time.

Agha Ali Breaks Silence Over A Breakup With Sara Khan

Recently, Agha Ali revealed the reason behind his break up with Sarah Khan in an interview with ‘Dawn News’ channel and finally, the Agha-Sarah fandom got an explanation they have been long waiting for!

When asked concerning his relationship standing, The Rukshar shared his experience of what he had gone through after breakup with Sarah Khan and he shared that it was a tough phase for him.

Agha Ali stated that “It has been toughest for me to be honest. I could not work for months, I was isolated, I could not deal with it but then again, life has to go on”.

He more added that “I assume from both our sides, it is fine and we’ll always respect each other. I immensely respect her. She is a fantastic girl”.

Ali also requested his followers to respect their privacy and addressed those who came up with insensitive comments on their relationship, saying ‘Mind Your Own Business”!

Agha Ali also appreciated the immense love and support he receives from his fans and said:

“I love my fans, they are very understanding. The close fans write excellent stuff and that I love them”

Sarah Khan Denies Marriage Rumors

Pakistani actress married woman Khan is all named as being the renowned and however the proficient new rising actresses inside the TV planet. She has moved into the acting career just a few years back and in just the least period she has earned with fame and success.

Sarah Khan Denies Marriage Rumors

She is known for her role in Bari Apa that gives her the heights of fame and success. Sarah Khan is from Karachi. She merely likes to read, travel, sing and listen to music. She and her sister, Noor Khan, did so many photoshoots for famous brands like for Maria B dresses, etc.

Pakistani TV star Sarah Khan was earlier reported to be tying the knot soon but the star completely denied her marriage news in a social media post.

The Band Khirkiyan starlet turned to Instagram to refute the circulating buzz regarding her rumored forthcoming nuptials.

Khan on her Instagram Story wrote: “Do not believe anything unless I say it myself.” “Please respect my privacy and stop spreading false rumors. I ain’t getting married anytime soon,” she added.

“Now I have set for an organized wedding and can surprise my fans shortly,” the publication had cited that was turned down by Sarah.

Earlier, her marriage rumors had erupted when an E-paper had cited her as saying so. The Alvida starlet had earlier made headlines after her breakup with Agha Ali, another one of the big names of the Pakistani showbiz industry.

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