Sana Safinaz The Famous Duo Designers In Pakistan

Sana and Safinaz are an incredible position and they’re each pretty amazing themselves, considering the position Pakistani fashion is in recently. twenty-seven years into the business, having fully-fledged both highs and lows, they are even as excited by fashion, today, as they were after they started. that is quite unbelievable if you think regarding the overcrowded marketplace designers stand and compete in today. this can be a time once most of them are bored, dissatisfied, or troubled. it is a time once fame and fortune are pro the commercial favorites as against the artistic experts. However, having cracked the code for commercial success moreover as artistic excellence – nearly a dozen lux style Awards sit on their desk as a testament to their excellence – it is no surprise that Sana and Safinaz are still excited by fashion.

They both come about to work in their styles, every day, and are literally – even at their age – their own best models. She says she has to purchase her designs and then wait forever for the indispensable master sahib to seek out the time to tailor them.

That recognition of the importance of evolution, to move on; Sana and Safinaz are cognizant of the fact that modification is nice which makes their brand even as relevant, today, as it was 20 years ago.

Their position is professionally very sturdy. With around thirty stores nationwide and a brand that ranks in the high 3 in terms of ready to wear in the country, Sana Safinaz not solely commands respect and recognition however they keep proving themselves worthy of it. In a business of veterans that like to ride on the coattails of past laurels, Sana Safinaz is trailblazers.

They took the conception of the designer field to a different level. the primary few luxury collections that swept the nation’s ladies away and caused major hysteria at exhibitions and sales. There would be stampedes, all for the neatly packaged lawn outfits that came with exciting goody bags of embroidered add-ons, lace inserts, buttons, and detailing that allowed girls to play with. Sana and Safinaz introduced the conception of the lawn as an evening dress, introducing chiffon, silk, and net dupattas to decorate it. once lawn started getting expensive, they introduced the lighter version – Muzlin – for younger ladies who didn’t necessarily wish to dress up daily wear.

along with their sense of evolution, it’s also their perspective that has settled their success. Sana and Safinaz are the most non-political and pleasant people in the field. Safinaz is sitting with a young Italian woman, married to a Pakistani and therefore having touched to Karachi. She helps her perceive the market dynamic therefore she can begin her label. There isn’t an iota of insecurity in what she’s doing; Safinaz is generous and goes out of her way to facilitate. that’s rare in the cut-throat business she operates in.

then they were asked regarding plagiarism that has been happening for therefore long, however, do they contend with it. so that they replied that On the lawn, you can take a legal route because there’s too much money concerned. you have to guard your business well.

What helps them retain their mental health, aside from having solid and well-rooted personal lives, is the fact that – as a company – Sana Safinaz has become very independent. From designing, printing, production, campaign planning, and event promoting, it is all done in-house. They even have their own media wing, organizing exciting activities, meet-ups, and promotions often. At the brand, there is always something happening – there are even a store raid and bloggers’ meet for their 2019 luxury lawn this week – and it happens with distinctive features and creativeness. one secret to their success is the fact that they do everything tastefully; girls of all ages check up on Sana and Safinaz and wish to be them.

they have revolutionized wedding wear in Pakistan by launching a variety of ready to wear wedding wear.

Ready to wear bridals is not a new concept but it is new for them, Sana explains. they are dynamical the concept of bridal clothing in Pakistan, they are attempting to feature more stuff to it and they have even started their own couture page for it.

As they talked regarding their endless reservoir of ideas, they were asked what they ever think anything is enough.

Therefore, Safinaz replied that If you wish to grow, no, you have to stay on innovating. Sana continues speech that they are already viewing perfumery, several avenues, perhaps cosmetics, various things from their retail points of view because now they have a network that permits them to do a lot more.

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