Sania Maskatiya has recently launched a wide array of dresses under its chiffon lineup that is now available for sale

These dresses have been designed specifically keeping in mind the changing trends of the fashion industry. Developments have been made to aspects including color combinations, embroidery, and fabrics.

The color ranges are more natural and relatively less blown up resulting in mild and laid back hues. There are ideas to move away from the straight trouser for something a tad bit more unique such as the wider ghair trouser that gives a different aesthetic to the wearer.

Koti and open overcoat designs have also been implements under shades of gray and mild silver hues with plain inners that are comfortable and give a natural and sleeker look to the overall outfit

Sania Maskatiya New Lineup

This lineup has also seen the implementation of contrast particularly in the dupatta that leaves with an overall brighter and more elegant style. Additionally, contrast is also a major theme of embroidery and pattering when it comes to this lineup, with most of the dresses being heavily embroidered. The lineup is completely unique and is not created by drawing ideas from past works

$100.00 $85.00
$120.00 $100.00