Latest Punjabi Suits

For years, Punjabi suits have been at the heart of ethnic fashion and carry on to be the number one choice of women for special occasions as well as festivals. The loose decent yet chic silhouette is eye-catching when worn with a fitted short Kurti. Punjabi suit traces its origins to the Asia state of Punjab.

But with momentary time, it has made an impact in not only every part of Asia but all over the world as well. The outfit has brought back the style of pastel color shalwar kameez and multicolor shalwar kameez in a unique way. This outfit has emerged as one of the trendiest Bollywood outfits flaunted by actors.

The Punjabi shalwar kameez has a great past background. In its previous years, the Maharajas of Patiala wore pleated baggy style shalwar with loose kameez also called Patiala suit. This represented ethnicity, Punjabi culture, as well as regal comfort.

Punjabi Shalwar Kameez Suits

In current times, women have borrowed this fashion as an inspiration. Also, to use it as casual as well as formal shalwar kameez. It is fun to experiment with colors when it comes to Punjabi suit kameez. Where you can make a myriad of color combinations and insert more elegance to the ensemble. The assortment ranges from cotton shalwar kameez to a faux georgette shalwar kameez. In a superfluity of colors and a broad array of fabrics.

Obtainable in a variety of amazing prints, the shalwar pants of a Punjabi suit are pleated exclusively and beautifully. The kameez usually is a little short and comes in the company of a straight look or rounded bottoms/curved hems. Pleats of the shalwar are pleasantly designed so that they add grace to the overall appearance of the ensemble. It is obtainable in a range of fabrics such as the cotton shalwar kameez as well as chanderi silk shalwar kameez.

To insert more bling to your ethnic ensemble, you can wear a Punjabi Suit with silver or gold earrings, an American diamond pendant or stone studded jewelry. Choose from the widest collection of Patiala salwar suits at and get a beautiful design for you. There is something for everybody here.

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