Sometimes fashion speakes for its self ,” that is all we need to say about the Faraz Manan brand at the end of the day. The Faraz Manan Bridal Couture has on display couture outfits that ranged from Bridals to formal and evening wear hence it is safe to say that every design is bound to make a splash because there was something for all types of fashion enthusiasts

Faraz paid as much attention to detailing on the embellishment on the back as he did on the front. None of the details were spared the outfits were beautiful from all over. Without an excessive show of skin, Faraz has managed to create elegant numbers which teased as much as one might prefer without seeming crass either. Faraz had beautifully fused fabric, embellishment, print and more leaving us in awe of the handiwork and creating layers of subtle drama for those who appreciate fine craftsmanship. Clearly, Faraz had put his head down to create a collection that wouldn’t leave much to the imagination. Every piece could be worn as is practically straight off the Ramp

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