Latest Festive Fashion Trends

Festival fashion was once a case of merely squeezing into your jazziest combine of denim shorts, throwing on a crop top and splashing some glitter on your cheekbones.

Now, it’s an elementary a part of the billion-pound apparel industry that demands our attention each spring ahead music competition that kickstarts a jam-packed season, followed by the likes of Glastonbury, Reading, and Parklife.

Over the years, competition dressing has become similar to a “more is more” aesthetic propagated by outre co-ords, adornment bodysuits, adorned hot pants and, well, a lot of things you’d in all probability ne’er wear in your everyday life.

But this may fortify a quick fashion culture, that sees shoppers shifting their habits to suit a temporary trend circuit that promotes low-cost, short shelf-life garments that can’t be simply recycled.

And in a society that’s slowly turning into a lot of attuned to the environmental consequences of such behaviours, the concept of shopping for one thing glitzy to wear only for a competition looks out of bit with the eco-conscious tone.

Some festivals have cottoned onto this and have taken action by pledging to ban glitter from their sites as a part of a wider outlaw on single-use plastics – affirmative, glitter contains plastic.

But in need of going all Draconian and setting a code. there are very little else festival organizers will do to encourage attendees to be a lot of property with their article of clothing selections. Hence, the onus falls on you, the trendy however environmentally-conscious festival-goer. the designer brands like Sobia Nazir and others are releasing amazing attires for festive days.

The rise of the rental

Despite their best efforts, some folks very can’t resist the lure of sequin-soaked garb and lavish bohemian robes, ie, the sort of article of clothing you may solely depart with sporting on a muddy field, drink in hand. If this can be you, then Hannah Craggs, senior youth editor at fashion retail analysts WGSN, suggests transaction your competition fashion wardrobe.

Exploring a period attitude, the market is currently well at home with the sharing economy and while transaction attire isn’t a brand new construct within the evening clothes sector, many new platforms, like rent Studio and Wear the Walk, are demonstrating a shift towards transaction garments in a wider context.

It’s time to make the most of those channels once planning your festival wardrobe, particularly if you wish to wear one thing a bit a lot of “out there” because renting permits you to do simply that however with an eco-friendly twist.

Glitter, however not as you recognize it

Glitter is ready for a property makeover this competition season. while over sixty UK festivals are getting to ban it from their sites as of 2021 because of it being primarily made up of microplastics, fashion specialists say it’s time to seek out environmentally friendly alternatives.

One company that may be set to expertise a surge due to an increase in demand for guilt-free sparkles is Eco Glitter Fun, that sells perishable glitter made up of a polysaccharide film from eucalyptus trees.

Vintage clothing

Second-hand attire sales are booming, says Gordon-Smith, who adds that repair and renew initiatives are presently “capturing the imagination”, which implies that upcycled and pre-loved creations are going to be even a lot of of a spotlight over generic quick fashion competition apparel.

That means that vintage designs are setting the trend agenda this competition season. This theory has already been tested by international fashion computer program Lyst, which has known a number of the main trends for the competition season by analyzing the searching behaviors of over 5 million shoppers supported international search information and social media metrics.

These include Nineties staples like bucket hats (searches are up to fifty-four percent since January), tie-dye (up by eighty-eight percent) and Ne, which has seen a ninety-six percent increase in searches in the past 3 months.

Practical footwear that isn’t wellies

Wellies became a festival must-have, however, if you reside in a town, likelihood is that you don’t wear yours over a few times a year.

The good news is that the most recent competition fashion footwear trend is far a lot of versatile, and might be worn even as simply on a beach in St Tropez as a grassy patch by the Pyramid stage.

According to Lyst, views of chunky sport-style sandals are on the increase over the last 3 months and are presently up thirty-one percent year on year, leading the corporate to believe this can be the go-to footwear trend for competition season. within the last week alone, Lyst has seen a search for “Prada velcro sandals” every seven minutes.

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