Khas Famous Lawn Collection 2019

Khas forever comes up with exciting new deluxe and effeminate lawn collections every year, what takes more of our breaths away are the many volumes the brand offers round the year. Khas is a multi-dimensional identity that has taken the textile business of Pakistan through its range of wear and household merchandise. A brand with international recognition continuously keeps its repute with fine quality and artistic styles, and that is what the Khas has excelled in, notably the Womenswear. The quintessential styles with distinctive palettes and appealing prints have created the brand resides in the hearts of many girls in the country. Here is again we are progressing to discuss the latest assortment of Khas lawn dresses volume 5.

Different fashion brands like Charizma, Baroque, and Gul Ahmed have also designed and released amazing lawn collections but Khas made the list of best lawn collection of 2019.

Coming to the newest volume 5 of the Khas lawn assortment 2019, we’ve got some exciting details to share with you all. the first thing regarding this assortment is that it’s cost-friendly since the brand has introduced a 35 % sale on of the items on this assortment. In this “take all you can} get” sale you may be able to purchase a fine suit in only Rs 1520, so the range goes to three thousand rupees for the best items. Isn’t it amazing? Now you can get to wear a fine brand without any additional burden on your pocket.

Moving on from the budget-friendliness of this assortment, let’s point out some appealing features of the collection. Great sense of superior skill has been into the creating of this assortment, and its wide colors and kind of prints with distinctive patterns, all support that argument. Each piece is exclusive in its style and theme, so one cannot draw a parallel between them, however since there are three price categories, we shall discuss the items consequently, and we will highlight what makes every range different and deserve buying.

Printed lawn Suits:

If you are searching for something casual to hold in your daily routine or to your work then this assortment is all that you simply want. It is basic, simple, and chic for everyday use. The ranging set of colors from mystic mellow shades to daring black and teal are there to set your mood.

Turkish Eve, Mughal, cheerful Noir, Emerald vibes, Roman Garden, classic gray and paisley fusion are the superb variants of this assortment, and their names say much regarding their various prints.

Each suite comes with a printed lawn shirt – 3.25 meters, printed lawn dupatta – 2.25 meters and a bleached garment – 2.25 meters, offered in Rs 1520 solely.

Lawn Suits with printed Sleeves and Back:

Then comes these slightly upgraded pieces that carry all the options of the plus they come up with an adorned front shirt and otherwise printed sleeves and back. This type of printing makes these suits a bit more formal and smart to carry to markets or random hangouts. Each of these suites comes with embroidered lawn Front- 1.25 meters, printed back & sleeves – 2.0 meters, printed lawn dupatta – 2.50 meters, and a bleached garment – 2.50 meters. All these are accessible in the much cheap range of Rs 2015.

Dynasty, Slate Mount, Gardenia, Smoky bloom, Framic is few of the surprisingly refreshing items out of this assortment.

Lawn Suits with Lace and Motifs:

These suits carry some added features that add more charm and beauty to them. In this selection, you shall notice an adorned in 1.25 meters, printed back and sleeves of two meters, printed bember dupatta of 2.5 meters, a dyed garment of 2.5 meters, adorned lace and adorned motif. Well, that sounds more exciting after you look at the price tag of these suits, as all of this is accessible at a very appealing price of Rs 3309. Daydream, Choral Mist, Achromatic, and Serenity are some of the brilliantly designed items of this assortment.


The magic for KHAS, a subsidiary of the famous Sadaqat Group began over half a century ago. The magic wand of the well-respected Sadaqat Group began flashing in 1951 and helped them win the hearts of millions and many achievement awards in the process as well. For decades individuals of Pakistan are praising the top quality of imported garments or garments in abroad countries, Khas Stores’ vision is to provide Pakistani clients with the same level of luxury materials without the added prices of importing them. It is their topmost priority to gain the trust of our valued customers by providing trustworthy products and services.

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