Celebrities Fashion On IIFA Red Carpet!

The well acclaimed Hum Awards, Pakistan’s response to the IIFAs, took place in Houston, USA this weekend and while our tv and industry do deserve all the accolades it gets, the fashion statements created at the show weren’t as celebration-worthy mutually would have hoped.

Nadia Afghan: The last time anyone used facet hair-rollers before yesterday was most positively my mother at her wedding in 1980 and she still regrets it. However, history continues itself. There have been many stars with out-of-date designs however; Nadia Afghan – a superb actress who also won a well-deserved award for her role in Suno Chanda. The Kashmir Hum Awards red carpet was crammed with moments that worked as fire alarms for fashion stylists.

Beautiful and good, Iqra Aziz got lost in the Nomi Ansari creation that will have worked on somebody taller however overwhelmed this petite actress fully. Moreover, the color was a lot of pistachio macron than trending green. Iqra did won 2 awards for Suno Chanda.

Hania Amir’s styling was another turn-off. She selected a beetroot-colored net dress that was crammed with sequins, too gaudy and had frills running around all nine yards. That was way too much happening in one frame.

Kubra Khan and Mawra Hocane weren’t precisely a treat for the eyes or aesthetics either. These young women are supposed to be fashion savvy, given the attention and exposure they get, however they have thwarted us big time. Kubra’s outfit was cherished a Rizwan Beyg piece. Sarwat Gilani was seen sporting to the lux style Awards years ago and her earrings reminded me of however rubber bands remain in hot summer in Dubai.

Sanam Jang was the hostess of the event however her Maheen Karim outfit did her no special treatment.

Some people were unclear regarding Asim Azhar’s kurta and Ali Rehman Khan’s sherwani. Critics were unsure if they create the cut for the well-dressed list, however a minimum of they gave us a break from cliched black sherwanis and suits on the red carpet. They tried to experiment and it stood out.

Those who took the safer route were Adnan Siddiqui, Yasir Hussain, Imran Ashraf, Sarah Khan, and Reema. The men selected traditional black sherwanis whereas both the women opted for traditional white and gold ensembles that were many Nikah outfits than red carpet statements.

Luckily, a few stars saved style that evening. Ayesha Omar is one in all the few stars who has not solely upped her vogue game over the years however; she will also provide a tip or 2 on fashion to several out there. Her ivory Elan outfit was on purpose and she later looked attractive during a flaming red Nomi Ansari robe. The different appearance that worked for us was from author Asma Nabeel of Khaani and Surkh Chandni fame and Noman Ijaz’s spouse Rabia, who looked very elegant in an emerald green dress.

Ehtesham Ansari, one of the highest stylists in the business, said that just go basic if you’re unsure of what you’re planning to wear. he mentioned that he is back from a fashion show in Mayfair London and simply scrolled through some pictures from Houston. He was shocked to see where they are going versus where the overall fashion is going. He adds that our stars earn most and that they travel the globe. He thought why they do not buy themselves, finally said that it was a chance wasted.

It’s a massive task to arrange a show of this magnitude, that too abroad and one must provide credit to Hum Awards for systematically going on the far side borders with 100% seat occupancy. They have without doubt become the IIFAs of Pakistan. Pakistani artists have an enormous fan following amongst the overseas expat community and it was a wise move to carry the ceremony internationally. However, the fashion left loads to be desired.

In addition, one factor we would like to make clear is that we are all for eastern wear and traditional dresses however we should show the planet that our fashion and craft are at par with international standards. Mahira Khan walking at Paris Fashion Week some days past and dancing with Helen Mirren is an example of Pakistani vogue done right. Mahira continuously incorporates native brands with international labels in her wardrobe. However, it’s all regarding experimentation done right and once more, standing out in the proper means.

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